Dienstag, 29. September 2015

Land Destroyer

Propagandaschau hat es wieder einmal geschafft eine Quelle zu zitieren, die in RationalWiki, dem amerikanischen Psiram gelistet ist.

"Land Destroyer is a blog run by an undetermined amount of authors who post long articles critiquing the "corporate-financier oligarchy" of the world. It criticizes what it sees as "Western imperialism," to the point where it firmly believes that the War on Terror was manufactured by the western corporate-financier oligarchy as an excuse to topple self-sufficient governments and force them into an international currency that's friendly to Western corporations.
They expose lots of lobby groups behind the scenes and it's alright if you like polemic articles that never condemn any enemy of America. For instance, Iran is portrayed as one of the more enlightened states in the Middle-east. Expect the word 'imperialism' to be repeated over and over again. It's the old fallacy about portraying America's enemies as saints and demonising America. It's a website with a clear anti-American agenda, but with its articles chock-full of hyperlinks, offers starting points for the rational viewer to conduct more research from the comfort of his or her chair."

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